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Brian Anderton

Mark Rangeley

Andrew Richardson
Catterall Hall Cottage
Catterall Lane

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Tel: 07879 410495

Judges' Panel:
Brian Anderton, Roger Clarke, Geoff Hamer, Richard Rowley, David Pownall,
Andrew Richardson, Mark Rangeley, Ryan Liggett,
Tony Paice, Lauren Sanders, Dermot Gardiner, Richard Swales

Richard Rowley (Vice-President), Roger Clark, David Pownall,
Lauren Sanders, Ryan Liggett

Regional Representitives:
Ireland: Ryan Liggett
Scotland: Richard O'Rourke
Wales: Marcia Gilbert
Southwest: Teresa Habberfield

Life Members:
Brian Anderton, Roger Clarke

Our President Brian Anderton
with Orpington Club of Australia President Robert Callinen


Double Factor Male Cuckoo (a male carrying 2 copies of the barring gene) owned by Steve Massenhove.
His pale appearance is due to his dark barring being one third the width of the light background.
When mated with blacks, all his progeny will be single factor.

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